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As well as performing his smash-hit entertainment shows, Peter teaches his skills in a variety of formats.

Such as:


If you are a business looking to increase communication, productivity, and sales then Peter has the talks for you. In his rave reviewed Keynote speeches Peter combines his skills as a showman with the depth of knowledge of an educator to give your team a rich and entertaining talk. Click here to find out more about how Peter could help your business.


Peter runs a number of public workshops that teach both the techniques and the history behind what he does on stage. These include subjects such as: the history of divination, how the skills of a mind reader can help you in everyday life, and the place of traditional Magick in modern society. Click here to sign up to Peter’s e-mail list for updates on when his next workshop is.


Learn the skills of the ‘psychic’ comedian in your own time. Peter has produced a wide range of informational products designed to be both educational and entertaining guides to his areas of expertise. Click here to head over to his shop and check them out!

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If you have any questions on how Peter’s skills could benefit you, or if you want to book a workshop or keynote speech for yourself, get in touch!

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