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Telling jokes and fortunes

Peter Antoniou fuses his amazing and uncanny ability to read minds with razor sharp wit and improvisational comedy to create unique live entertainment experiences. He has become an international sensation, presenting his remarkable and hilarious shows for sell-out theatre audiences, comedy clubs, blue chip companies, and royalty.

Peter can peer inside your head, fondle your frontal lobe, tickle your funny bone, and reveal just what you are thinking. Inclusive, entertaining, interactive, and unforgettable, he will leave you asking, “Is your mind safe?”

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Live Shows

Touring venues like:

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Corporate Work

Clients include:

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Educational Programmes

What the Press have to say:

His ad libs are fast and sharp… a fair balance between humour and astonishment


The Scotsman

Should be put on a pedestal above his competitors


Broadway Baby

A very suave mentalist whose work continues to go from strength to strength


Vada Magazine

Witty and mischievous… exceptionally good



Phenon-mentally good



Tall, dark and charming


The Skinny

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