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Peter’s unique skill set means he is well placed to share effective and impactful techniques that make the real difference to people’s lives, businesses, and achievement.

By combining quality learning with entertaining, enjoyable, and interactive tasks Peter delivers unforgettable content. He works with you to tailor the objectives of each session, and gives you everything you need to ensure the attendees can start implementing what they have learned as soon as possible. He is also able to offer ongoing learning tools to allow the learning and training to continue long after the session.

Tarot... For Business?

Ancient Tool For Modern Solutions

What is in the Talk?

When you think of Tarot you probably imagine going to a psychic to have them to tell you when you’ll meet a tall stranger and fall in love. But what if everything you know is wrong?

In business, as in life, we tell ourselves stories. Stories about how to solve problems, stories about why we are doing well (or aren’t). Far from being otherworldly, Tarot is a creative thinking approach that gives you a framework to question those stories we are telling ourselves, and interrogate whether there is a better mindset for the challenges you face.

Through the approach Peter teaches you are given the tools and techniques to tackle old problems in new ways, and empower your team with the confidence that through changing the perspective they can have important breakthroughs. Gone are the dry analysis and circular self-defeating beliefs – instead Peter gives you the approach to make having breakthroughs fun, fast, and engaging.

Who is it for?

Teams who are looking increase creative problem solving, build confidence, and empower workforces.

Learning Objectives:

  • Posses the creative problem solving toolkit
  • Empower team members to feel ownership and passion over breakthroughs
  • Build innovate solutions

Creativity Breakthrough

Creative Thinking Explained

What is in the Talk?

Business Gurus are always quick to tell you that you should think outside the box, but so rarely do they provide the actual steps to do just that. After all, if it was just that easy we’d already be doing it.

In this interactive and engaging talk Peter takes you through his complete system of creative problem solving. Regardless of whether your team has a creative background or not, once this class is over they will feel confident and competent to tackle any roadblock with innovative and creative solutions.

Creativity isn’t just about being good at art or singing, it’s about how we approach every part of our lives. Whether it’s how to deal with a difficult customer, or a roadblock in getting a project completed.  Creativity also isn’t something you either have or you don’t. It’s a muscle that can be trained and developed. So if you want to build your team into people who can improve your processes in every direction through innovative and passionate thought, this is the talk for you.

Who is it for?

Teams who want to learn the full techniques of building creative problem solving.

Learning Objectives:

  • Posses the tools of thinking outside the box
  • Increase team engagement in problem solving

Tailored to your needs

What is in the Talk?

Working with you and your goals, Peter creates a custom presentation that is designed to achieve your learning objectives. This allows you to really focus in on the specific targets you know need attention, and lets Peter apply a highly focused learning model to enable you to obtain the dramatic improvements you deserve. Whether you want a company wide training seminar, or to focus in on key management teams, this option gives you the flexibility and adaptability to make meaningful change.

Who is it for?

If you are looking for something custom made to help you achieve your goals then this presentation option is for you!

Learning Objectives:

  • Tailor-made presentation to create the optimum outcome based on your goals
  • Engaging and entertaining presentation just for you
  • A focus on your brand identity and aspirations

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