Can the dead reach out and speak to us? And if they can, are you prepared to hear what they have to say?

Join Peter Antoniou in an immersive experience that explores what answers may be just within our reach (and whether sometimes, it’s best not to know). Having spent five years selling out underground venues and pop-up locations all across the UK, Seance is now embarking on its first theatre tour. Bigger, more in depth, and with the aid of haunted venues!
If you have seen Peter’s live comedy shows, Séance is a completely different animal. This is an interactive play, in which you are put in the centre of the action.
Ouija boards, spirit bells, and things that go bump in the night – forget what you’ve seen in the movies, and prepare to communicate with the dead.
PLEASE NOTE: This is an interactive theatrical experience. There will be no demonstrations of Mediumship.


9th May


10th May

Barrow In Furness

11th May

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