Peter Antoniou – Happy Medium


From the writer and performer of last years sold-out show Séance, ‘Psychic’ Comedian Peter Antoniou brings a brand-new show to the Fringe, and it is like nothing seen before. Part life advice, part stand-up comedy, part psychic demonstration, it is a truly unique and unpredictable experience that showcases Peter’s quick wit and phenomenal ability to pick up thoughts.

The show rotates around a very simple idea: Do you have a question you have always wanted to ask a psychic but haven’t had the chance? Peter asks the audience to each think of their own question and then he sets about reading these questions from people’s minds and delivering funny and insightful answers. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes touching, not even Peter knows what is coming up next as each person used in the show is chosen by the roll of a dice.

Peter is quick to point out that he isn’t talking to the dead though. “I can talk to the dead. The problem is they don’t talk back, which I think is rude because it’s not like they are up to much,” he quips. The show is much more about the human connection. “Everyone has a special story, an interest fact, a person quandary that is unique to them”, Peter explains. “My skill is to pull those stories out of people’s brains and stitch them together to make a show”.

“A truly unique experience — come and witness a show that is never the same twice, and truly is made from the audience. Come and think your question and wonder: is your mind safe?

Peter has performed at the Fringe for the last 6 years, with his shows garnering critical acclaim from The Scotsman (“His ad libs are fast and sharp… a fair balance between humour and astonishment”), WhatsOnStage (“Prepare to be flabbergasted *****”), and Broadway Baby (He should be put on a Pedestal above his competitors.****). For the last year he has been on tour for the last year with his own solo show, as well as being a featured artist on the Evening Of Burlesque Tour, visiting the UK’s biggest theatres.

The show runs 31st July – 24th August (not 18th) at 18:40 (60 mins). Tickets £7 (£6 Concessions)
Previews from July 31st to August 2nd Tickets: £5
Venue: Sweet Grassmarket, Apex International Hotel, EH1 2HS